About us

About Longo case

Longo Case is created by a bunch of young designer, marketer & dreamer. We want to bring unique & arty products to the world. 

We launched our first product --The sketchbook book iPad Pro 12.9 case via Kickstarter and successfully funded. It was an amazing experience and we later begin to sell on Amazon. 

Our first impression on iPad pro is clear: This is a great tool for artists and designers to carry around. It will replace the sketchbook in our backpack, which has been with us from the moment we pick up the pencil and learn how to draw a line. Modern technology has changed the way we draw, but the affection will not fade over time.

So we decided to create a case to retain this special bond with sketchbook, without sacrifice the protection and function. We present to you : The wire bound iPad pro case.

Sketchbook iPad Pro Case is our first product and is well recognized by our user: