Sketchbook Case for iPad Pro 12.9

Innovation has always been a good thing, but sometimes it is so overwhelmingly good that it makes us forget about our traditional way of doing things and all the romanticisms associated with it. Take a mechanical watch for example; it is a conventional way of keeping time but modern wristwatches powered by batteries and regulated by quartz mineral seem to take over their conventional counterparts. Now that we have modernized timepieces and even incorporate so many functions with our digital watch, time-keeping and wristwatch is no longer so special, but it would be wrong. Mechanical wristwatches, despite all the impracticality and fragility, still have their places in modern world. You may be surprised that they haven’t stopped innovating with every new mechanism and accuracy fine-tuning. The same thing applies to our traditional way of keeping notes. Many (if not most) of us now use digital way of writing notes, whether on laptop, smartphones, or tablets.

Apple iPad Pro is just one among so many devices which allow you to not only take notes, but myriads of other computing processes as well. One thing that distinguishes the device from competitors is that it brings something from the past not only as a reminder of days-gone-by, but actually a useful accessory: the Apple Pencil. It is as if Apple is trying to remind us of what a tablet should be: a tool with which you can write notes, draw things, and open them back as soon as you get home. If you look at the iPad Pro this way, there is no doubt you need another accessory to complete the nostalgic and romantic sense of a personal sketchbook from an otherwise electric-powered tablet: the Longo Case.

Functionality of Apple Pencil is not limited to just pointing, tapping, or clicking, but it also does drawing/painting and writing in traditional sense. This is why Longo Case is the right additional accessory to bring back and preserve the notion of note-taking in its entirety.

Longo Case is the first to introduce wire-bound case design for the iPad Pro 12.9-inch version. When they are paired, they look like just any ordinary sketchbook typically used by students or artists alike. After a closer look, you’ll notice that the case is made of high quality bi-cast leather, hard plastic and microfiber to provide both good protection and nice feel to the touch. Wire-bound design resembles conventional sketchbook, and this part is made of cold-formed steel (CFS), making it strong, durable, tensile, and good-looking at the same time. Designed specifically for the iPad Pro 12.9, Longo Case also features a pencil holder on the inner side. In addition, it is compatible with wake/sleep function of the device and non-restrictive in terms of connectivity.